The Huffington Post Says I Have a Beautiful Wife

September 17, 2008

Earlier this year I was interviewed by humorist, author and columnist Lisa Earle-McLeod. Author of the book Forget Perfect — Finding Grace When You Can’t Even Find Clean Underwear, Lisa is hysterical and quite delightful. (Check out her site and her “Perfect Minute” video essays.)

Lisa also writes for The Huffington Post, rated #1 by Technorati on its “Top 100 Blogs” — making it the single most influential English-language blog in the world.

Recently Lisa reported on our conversation in a wonderful Huffington Post review of The Go-Giver.

Pinch me: am I dreaming?

I wrote Lisa to thank her, and included the URL for my wedding pictures. She wrote back:

I love wedding pictures; weddings themselves are a bit of a pain, unless you’re just a drunken guest of course, but the pictures are great, and these are particularly beautiful.

I must say, for a geeky writer, it looks like you caught yourself one heck of a good lookin’ woman.

And you know, she’s quite right. I did, didn’t I?

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