The Writing Mastery Mentorship™

There are only three aspects of writing a book that are difficult: (1) starting it; (2) finishing it; and (3) all the stuff in between.

I can help you with all three.

I wasn’t born a New York Times bestselling author. I became one over decades of learning the hard way. In this program, I’ll help you cut years off your learning curve to writing mastery.

Free video training: “The 7 Author Essentials”

In this 60-minute video I break it all down for you — my whole process, the fruits of all my trial and error over three decades of writing, 40 published titles, and a stack of awards, all distilled down to the 7 critical skill sets it takes to become the author you were born to be. Fill out this brief no-obligation application form and you’ll gain immediate access to this video, which also includes another 30 minutes of Q&A.

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What is the Writing Mastery Mentorship? Writing Mastery Mentorship is a one-year training and coaching program designed to help you conceive, create, finish, and launch the book you’ve dreamed of writing. Over the course of one year you will:

    • Take an idea from rough concept to finished draft.
    • Find your own voice and style.
    • Get expert advice coupled with real-world experience from a pro who’s been in your shoes and faced the same blank page you do.
    • Gain an insider’s understanding of how the publishing industry works, including the pros and cons of traditional versus self-publishing.
    • Have access to trusted feedback and critique to help elevate your writing.
    • Be part of a writers’ community that will help you stay on track and support you every step of the way.

How does it work? There are three components: (1) the trainings, presented by me (JDM) on video; (2) live weekly group coaching calls; (3) and an online community and feedback process to help you stay on track and elevate your writing. Plus three private one-on-one sessions with me.

Who is it for? Anyone who is seriously committed to up their game as a writer. Here’s an overview of the full curriculum we’ll cover:

    • Tap Into Your Inner Writer. Set yourself up for success with a consistent, productive writing routine that makes you feel good about the process, and a practical writing plan for the path ahead.
    • Identify Your Million-Dollar Idea. Learn the essential elements of great story-telling and clarify the core idea at the heart of your writing project.
    • Build a Working Outline. Put a solid foundation under your idea, a road map you can fall back on whenever the process gets shaky.
    • Write Drunk, Edit Sober. Learn to seamlessly shift gears from free-flowing “in the zone” writing to focused rewriting — and stop self-editing as you write.
    • Conquer the Hurdles. Get past self-doubt, inertia, distractions, and writer’s block.
    • Elevate Your Writing. Infuse your writing with more depth, clarity, and emotional dimension that grabs your readers and doesn’t let go.
    • Launch Your Masterpiece. Take your work from good to great — and out to the world.

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