A random sampling from the past few years. For a complete listing of podcasts and interviews with my wife, Ana Gabriel Mann, as part of our 2022 Go-Giver Marriage Tour, CLICK HERE. For a listing of interviews with myself and former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb on our “Chief Finn” thriller series, CLICK HERE. For updates and new interviews as they happen, follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

The Dream Beyond

Talking with private-jet CEO Nik Tarascio, on The Go-Giver, abundance mindset, and building a life out of plans that didn’t work (audio 48 m)

February 2023

The Crew Reviews

Brandon and I talk realism, rogue SEALs, Iceland, and what’s next for Cold Fear’s Chief Finn (video 41 m)

July 2022

The James Altucher Show

Brandon and I join forces on the legendary podcast (audio 1 h)

July 2020


Brandon and I with crime fiction legend Robert Crais for the launch of Cold Fear (video 50 m)

June 2020

Publishers Weekly

“Take a Chance” – Essay on the power of writing what you don’t know (text)

June 2020


“When the House Talks Back” – when an environment in your story rises to the level of full-blown character (text)

June 2020

Creating the Characters of Steel Fear

7-part series on SOFREP (text)

December 2021

On the Trail of a Killer

“My Day Aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln” – 3-part photoessay on SOFREP (text & photos)

October 2021


Talking Steel Fear with US Navy vet Sean Spoonts, who served as researcher on the project (audio 38 m)

August 2021

The Big Thrill

Talking Steel Fear with author José H. Bográn in The Big Thrill, the International Thriller Writers magazine (text)

August 2021

Leadership Insights

An interview in Skip Prichard’s blog: practical advice for how to deepen and strengthen your writing (text)

July 2021


“What's a nice guy like me doing in a homicidal place like this?” My inaugural piece for the legendary crime fiction site (text)

July 2021


My coauthor Brandon Webb and I at the Steel Fear book launch event in La Jolla, California (video 45 m)

July 2021

Filling the Storehouse

On starting my own high school (when I was in high school), and why every one of us is full of great writing content (audio 56 m)

June 2021

Fireside Leadership

On leadership, the benign nature of the universe, and how to withstand failures and rejection (video 34 m)

May 2021

Rhino Julie

We’re all writing the story of our lives and constantly rewriting our futures (video 53 m)

May 2021

Alex & Books

Three ingredients for good writing; how to get past writer’s block; the secret to making your writing better (audio 54 m)

May 2021

TIME with Fred Gatty

On Mastering Fear; rejection and the intrinsic value of painful experiences; and how to change your beliefs and reinvent yourself (video 54 m)

July 2020

Peak Performance Podcast

On creating multiple careers, mastering self-talk, and the writing process (video 1 h 8 m)

June 2020

Reinvention Radio

Feelings are the carrier of ideas; the essence of every story is a reinvention (audio 35 m)

October 2017

It’s All About the Questions

“The Cellist and the Sniper” – Talking with host Laura Steward about Total Focus, the 7 habits of highly deadly entrepreneurs, and how to write about things you’ve never personally experienced (audio 44 m)

August 2017
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