Death of a Habit

I smoked for twenty-eight years. Since I was a solid pack-a-day guy for more or less that entire time, this translates into ten thousand, two hundred twenty-seven packs (including leap years). You’d think by that time I would have had enough. Which was exactly what I...

Pindar in the Classroom

Meet Dave Fuehrer. Dave’s father, Craig, was a brilliant guy, a lifelong innovator for the Du Pont company, a winner in every way (and a Purple Heart from Vietnam to prove it) until he lost a battle with cancer, and the world—and Dave—lost him. Dave inherited his...

The Gorgeous Moment

I just finished writing a book. Actually the writing finished two weeks ago, but I’m just now thinking back over the experience. It’s another parable (like The Go-Giver), which means there was a story to make up, which means that over the past three or four months,...
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