A Novel in Need of a Name

A deserted city street. The distant ruckus of drunken revelers, laughter, Christmas carol fragments. Under the faint glow of street lights a flurry of snowflakes drifts to the frigid cobblestone surface, then swirls aside as a girl’s bare feet sprint past. She darts...


One year ago, all we had was a manuscript. A title, STEEL FEAR, followed by a hundred thousand words. No publisher. No contract. No clue whether anyone else would think it was any good, let alone good enough to take a chance on it. We both believed in it. But hey,...

Mystery on a Floating City

“Finn felt the shift in the soles of his feet. The ship was pulling around…” — Steel Fear, chapter 19 It was a cold Tuesday morning on January 8, 2019, when I set foot on board the USS Abraham Lincoln, a 90,000-ton Nimitz-class US Navy aircraft carrier. A warship...
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