Left-Handed Kudos

I just read another one of those book reviews that makes me want to say, “Um, thank you?” But then, compliments of the left-handed variety are in a way my favorite kind. When they come with this much sting, it’s hard to doubt their sincerity. This one hails from the...


This week an amazing treat landed in my mail box: the hot-off-the-press Japanese hardcover edition of The Go-Giver. (I wrote about this over on the Go-Giver blog, but figured perhaps I should post it here too.) The people at Bungei Shunju Ltd. did a phenomenal job:...

Fireworks and Friendship

Last night we drove down our street to park in full view of a glorious fireworks display, on the campus of the University of Massachusetts. From 8:30-ish to nearly 10, we sat surrounded by hundreds of neighbors, oohing and ahhing. It made me think of Adams and...
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