The Recipe, Part 1

Let’s try something different. We all love those never-give-up stories, the ones about how Colonel Sanders was rejected 302 times (or 1009 times, depending on the teller) before finding someone interested in his fried chicken recipe. Or how Thomas Edison failed a...

Dogs and Cats and Leadership

We have a dog named Ben, although I sometimes think of him as Agent Smith because he so closely resembles a Secret Service agent in the way he shadows my wife, Ana. From room to room, bedroom to kitchen, day or night — whatever task Ana is involved in, you will find...

Holding Power Graciously

I just read a news piece about yet another man removed from office because he’d been found abusing his authority. This one happened to be a university chancellor, but he could as easily have been a CEO or general, church leader or congressman. The names and titles and...
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