Blessed Fragility

It’s always good to find new things to be grateful for. Today, the thing I’m most grateful for is that Ana is here with me in Massachusetts for a few days … and that she is alive. I should explain. We’ve been living down in Florida for months, helping take of her mom,...

That Difficult, Impalpable Muse

You people are so sweet and thoughtful. After my last post, about the struggles of writing, I got a stream of supportive comments. “You can do it, John!” said one friend. Added another, “How can I help?” And a third: “You’re feeling disconnected from the Muse. Go for...

In the Rough

I’m in that place again. Knee-deep, waist-deep, neck-deep in the writing process, working on the manuscript for a new book, smack dab in the hardest part — the part where it feels like there’s nothing there, and like nothing will ever be there, that it’s a big gaping...
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