The Meaning of Memories

What is your favorite sound? Mine is a train whistle in the distance. As a kid, I used to lie awake at night, hearing it in the distance, hauntingly beautiful, like the mating call of an ancient and extinct species of giant bird or mythical airborne whale. My second...

Saying Yes

They say dogs understand a good deal more of the words we speak than we realize. Our intrepid seven-pound poodle Ben understands a lot. For example, if we don’t want him to know we’re traveling in a few days, we have to watch our language carefully and not use the...

Milk, Flour, Eggs

My friend Charles Carroll is a world-class executive chef who has been part of eight Culinary Olympic teams and won more than eighty national and international awards. Nobody knows how recipes work better than Chef Charles. But it doesn’t stop there: a popular speaker...
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