Bigger on the Inside

When I was a kid, I was into Batman. Really, really into him. Had a huge stack of Batman comics. When I grew up, I thought it would be very cool to be Batman. Then one winter day, as she sat in the dining room working on some play she was writing, my mom looked up and...

The Ordinary Moment

Tucked into moments here and there throughout my day, I’m slipping in snippets of reading in Spencer Quinn’s latest Chet and Bernie book, Paw and Order. I love the Chet and Bernie books. Bernie is your classic, noble-but-always-broke, hapless-good-guy private eye....

Death and Birth

Two weekends ago we held our memorial service for Sylvia, Ana’s mom. It was at the church where Ana was baptized, where we said goodbye to Ana’s dad eight years ago, and where we were married six years ago. The following weekend was my mom’s birthday. Carolyn Owens...
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