Photographic Memory

September 7, 2008

It’s official: the wedding pictures are up for viewing on their own web site.

Here are my bride and me, in the church…


… and on our way …


… into the sunset.


The entire album is worth viewing — our intrepid team of photographers, led by the redoubtable John Fitzpatrick, are excellent at what they do!

And yes, the sky really did look like that.


  1. Bob and Anna Bassett

    John and Ana,

    You both look wonderful!!

    Love, enjoy, respect and compliment each other for the rest of your lives!!

    Fabulous pictures.

    Love from Leith,

    Bob and Anna Bassett

  2. Gilles Arbour

    Great pictures – Congratulations again!
    You’re a lucky man, Ana looks so beautiful.
    Sorry I couldn’t make it.


  3. Azim Jamal

    Hello John,

    Lovely photos. You have a beautiful wife! And she has a wise and a “giving” husband! You make a great couple – blessings for a wonderful journey. Best, Azim Jamal

  4. Art & Terry Manville

    Hi John & Ana:

    Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us. We would have loved to have been there to share such a special moment with you.

    It is so wonderful to see two people so wanting to get married and share their lives and hearts together.

    See you in a couple of months.

    Blessings, Art & Terry

  5. JDM

    Thanks, all! “Great pictures” from Gilles is high praise (the man is a masterful photographer himself).

    And for those who don’t know, Azim is coauthor of a wonderful book (just out) entitled The Power of Giving — highly recommended reading! (And giving.)

  6. harvey mckinnon

    John, These are absolutely stunning pictures. And I think the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. I expect to see the photo spread in Vanity Fair in a few months.

    Congratulations to both of you. And I appreciate your sharing them with me.
    Warm regards, Harvey

  7. jdmann

    P.S. . . . and Harvey is the other coauthor!

  8. harvey mckinnon

    John, I seem to be blocked by your e-mail — I had sent 4 e-mails in the last month — none have gone through. Could you put me on your contact list? My e-mail is

    I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the gogiver and of course this is not the appropriate place. Cheers, Harvey

  9. jdmann

    Harvey — We’ll get this figured out! Meanwhile, thank you for your kind comments! I’m about to post a note on the Go-Giver blog to urge our readers to pick up a copy of The Power of Giving — wonderful book!

  10. Kate Nowak

    Thank you so much, John, for sharing your beautiful wedding photos. Your bride is beautiful and you both look radiantly happy.

    May your journey together be blessed with endless joy, infinite love and never-ending possibility. You deserve nothing less.

    Abundant Blessings,

    Kate Nowak

  11. Penny Dude

    John and Ana,

    Congratulation and also thanks for sharing your amazing photo, I can feel the love and see it in your faces.

    John, I look forward to interviewing you on “The Slight Edge” next week.

    I will never stop recommending your life-changing book “The Go-Giver.” I can not tell enough people about it. Also I am looking forward to interviewing you on “The Zen of MLM,” another book I recommend.

    Thanks for the friendship.


  12. Satu Ferentz

    Congratulations to you both! Thanks for sharing and letting us in on your beautiful and loving celebration.

    May you have all of the joys that Life can offer you.

    Very best wishes,

  13. Kelly Wissink

    John and Ana,

    Thank you for sharing your very special day with all of us. Your photographer is gifted at capturing your reactions and your pure joy before, during and after the ceremony.

    May you experience a completeness in your lives and a daily appreciation for each other.

    Many blessings,

    Kelly and Curt Wissink

  14. Francisco

    Wow John amazing gorgeus pics

    Delayed congrats on your wedding and continued success with all your books and the X-biz

    Premier from Kuala Lumpuer Malaysia

  15. Sandi White

    What a beautiful wedding! You and Ana look so happy together. I wish you both a blessed and memorable life together.

  16. David Blanchard


    The photos are breathtaking. It is magical how your photographer captured the quiet, simple, and often powerful moments of this most sacred of all life events. What a treasure … the pictures and especially your beautiful wife!

  17. Larry Retzack

    Stunning photographs. Simply superlative. What a gorgeous bride and comely couple. Best wishes for a wonderful life.

  18. Natalie Lamb

    Oh John – what absolutely gorgeous photo’s…

    The photo’s capture the beauty, mysticism, magic and love…

    It felt miraculous – like caught in this treasured time warp where only deliciousness was felt.

    Ahhhh – so gorgeous!


    Luscious love

  19. Scott Taylor

    Outstanding Mann!

    Really Great photos of your special day. A heart felt, yet seriously delayed congrats. I just found this page, and it’s August 2009. You are truly blessed with brains and now beauty! Not to rush the point, Laurie and I are just looking forward to the future brilliant books for children! (Your mission, should you choose to accept it…)

    Stay Creative,

    Scott and Laurie Taylor
    TaylorMade Marketing & FastPath Coaching

  20. jdmann

    Hey Scott — Great to see you here! Give my best to Laurie! Hope you guys enjoyed The Answer!

  21. Jeremy & Tamara Watt

    I cannot express enough gratitude, for visiting our blog. The Go Giver is a phenominal book, i actually have it in my to read again pile.. Thank you for sharing you’re insights, truth and experiences. You are touching more lives than you probably know! You’re Bride is stunning:) and it’s inspiring to see the way you look at her and edify her.


    12/29/09 Maui Hawaii USA

    I see happiness written all over the place. Looks like a phenomenal surrealistic heaven. I have your dream vacation getaway home here in Maui. Thank you.

    Andre Adoloffo, Realtor(S), BA
    808-269-0879 cell
    808-665-1947 fax

    • jdmann

      Thanks, Andre — and for anyone else reading this, please know that Andre is not a random realtor sp*mming us here, he is a real adn wonderful friend we met when in Maui a few years ago. In fact — and Andre, I don’t think you know this yet — I proposed to Ana on Kaui, just a few days after we met you. (And we will get back there before long!)



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