Turned Tables

September 8, 2011

After twenty-one and a half years of being a journalist chronicling the development of the network marketing world and writing about its successful leaders, I just for the very first time switched seats and became the interviewee, rather than interviewer.

Yup: one of the journals I write for has done a cover story on me rather than by me.

The September/October edition of Networking Times is focused on the theme, “writing as the new social medium,” so not surprisingly, they wanted to interview writers.

Here is the result.

Note: Although normally you need a paid subscription to view Networking Times’s feature stories, for this story they have given me the link above, just for you here on this blog. (Sweet.) You do need to register yourself on the site to read the article (which in essence means creating a username and pasword)—but do not need a paid subscription.

Thanks, Networking Times!

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