A Manifesto!

March 18, 2011

The wonderfully innovative people at 800-CEO-Read in Milwaukee have created a series of very cool online “manifestos” called ChangeThis. If you’ve never seen it, it’s really worth a look.

And if you need a good excuse, I’ve got one: They just posted a new manifesto by Dan Burrus and yours truly. It’s called “The Reinvention Imperative.”

The material is adapted from Flash Foresight, but in jazzier, more telegraphic format — suitable for mainlining directly from eye to brain stem (so to speak).

Sort of like a book chapter on espresso (or strong green tea).

Here is the opening paragraph:

“There’s something you need to do right away, or you’ll fall so far behind you may never catch up: you need to reinvent your business. And you need to do it today—or someone else will tomorrow.”

They do a fabulous job with the layout on this. The first screen is shown above; and here’s a sample page:


If you want to know what is “the New Golden Rule of Business” … or why “change is the new dependable” … or what “vanilla quicksand” is and why you need to avoid it like the plague … what you can learn from Nintendo that will make your business (and life) a success … or why “In the past, reinvention was an option; today it is an imperative” — well, what are you waiting for?

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