August 8, 2010

Two years ago today, I did one of the smartest things I’ve ever done in my life: I married Ana. You’ve heard the cliché — the one about how good it is when the person you’re in love with is also your best friend? Turns out, in addition to being a cliché, it’s also true.

So that was two years ago today. And one year ago today? We were unavoidably on opposite sides of the globe. Oops. Ana was in Malaysia. I was in Massachusetts. We spoke by Skype. (It was romantic . . . kinda.)

I celebrated by posting this post, reprinting the vows we wrote and spoke a year earlier.

This year, we did better: we’re in the same place! A few days ago, we were in California. Tomorrow, Ana will be in North Carolina, and I in Florida. But for this day, at least, we have managed to converge two crazy summertime schedules.

In a few minutes, we’ll drive over to The Blue Heron, the cozy restaurant where we held our wedding reception exactly two years ago tonight, clinking a glass together an sampling some of the same incredible we shared with our friends on that great night.

It took approximately 50 years to find each other. (Counting both of us, that’s about a century’s worth of searching.) It was worth the wait.

To anyone out there, wondering if the perfect soul mate exists somewhere — I have it on good authority: the answer is, Yes.


  1. Josephine Gross

    I was thinking of you today ! 8-8-2008 how can we forget? I agree with you 100 percent about that perfect soulmate. The way you recognize him or her is that the relationship makes everything so … doable! Wishing you a beautiful evening, J

  2. Art Manville

    Fantastic! What a wonderful couple. Terry and I had our first date in 1968 and it just keeps getting better and better…

    Blessings to you both. Hope to see you in Orlando. Art

  3. Bob Burg

    Congratulations. I’ll never forget the ceremony and reception. While all weddings are special, there was something extra special about yours. I remember one of the waitresses at the Blue Heron tearing up during one of the toasts. And, to think how many of these receptions she must work. Yep, something extra special about this one. Hmmm, must be the bride and groom. 🙂

  4. Art Jonak

    Ahh, what great memories indeed. Dulcie choosing to ‘be heard’ the moment of the first dance at The Blue Heron (my apologies again). 🙂

    It warms my heart to see you both so happy, perfect soul mates. Ana was simply stunning during the ceremony, and you such a class-act, a true gentleman. An amazingly romantic moment and day. It will warm my heart forever. Thank you.


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