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A sequel to the blockbuster Barry Award-nominated thriller Steel Fear

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A disgraced Navy SEAL stalks a serial killer on the Pacific Ocean.

Amazon Hardcover/Paperback Barnes & Noble Indiebound

Five practical steps to greater courage and self-mastery.

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What I Do

I have a passion for great writing. Excellence is one of my most cherished core values.

The exquisite beauty of a powerful idea expressed in words, whether through a single sentence or a 700-page novel, is something that has stirred my soul since as long as I can remember.

So . . . What I do: I search out transformational ideas and stories and bring them to life in words.



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My Dinner with José

My Dinner with José

I recently sat down with the accomplished Honduran author/screenwriter José H. Bográn for an interview for ITW’s monthly magazine, The Big Thrill. It was, as you will have already guessed … a big thrill.

On the Hot Seat

On the Hot Seat

I recently sat down for an interrogation — I’m sorry, I mean INTERVIEW — with crime writer Elena Hartwell Taylor. Here’s the confession she pried out of me.


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