The Love of a Dog

January 15, 2013

Last night, for no particular reason, I was suddenly seized with the impulse to go read Neil Gaiman’s blog. Now I know why.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers: a gentle, kind soul wrapped within a brilliant creative personality and wicked sense of humor. (I mean, humour.) If you haven’t read Stardust, or Coraline, or Neverwhere, or (if you are in the mood for something a wee bit darker) American Gods, you’re missing something timelessly amazing.

(Or, just read The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish; it will take you all of ten minutes.)

One of those writers whose work makes you feel like after reading it, your life now means more than it did before.

Neil’s was the first blog I read regularly, nearly a decade ago. It was what inspired me to create this one. (Now you know why this blog is called “Journal.”)

But I hadn’t gone there to visit in quite some time.

I must have been drawn by the sad vibe. When I clicked over, I found Neil’s sweetly melancholy ode to his dog, who had just moved on, after years of cameraderie.

I remember reading Neil’s posts in the spring of ’07, when he and Dog (later renamed Cabal) first got acquainted.

This is a post I am so glad I didn’t miss, and thought I ought to share it with you, too.

I wish dogs lived longer too, Neil. I keep hoping mine will live forever.


  1. Mark Given

    And I also weep………for the love of my dog TJ that I lost last year. I want, but can’t seem to find the inner commitment to replace him. Thanks for sharing Neil’s message…….Mark

  2. Laura Atchison

    Thank you for sharing that powerful post. I laughed, I cried and I shared his pain. Funny though, no matter how many dogs I have outlived over the years, I cannot imagine my life without one in it. There is a reason dog is God spelled backwards. Dogs open your heart to love and that always makes me feel closer to God.


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