Ant or Grasshopper?

July 17, 2009

Would you rather live as the ant, or the grasshopper?

Before we answer that question, perhaps we should question the question.

We all grew up with this idea, that there are two ways to live. You can live like the good, modest, industrious and frugal ant, and sock away crumbs for the future. Or you can live like the irresponsible and spendthrift grasshopper, dancing and fiddling away the days in sensual pleasure and artistic elation, without a care for the future.

In some ways the imagery of this fable has done us more harm than good. Does it really have to be an either/or thing?

Sure, it’s good to be responsible and frugal. It makes sense to prepare for the future. But look at the ant’s lifestyle! Do you really want to be a cog in a gigantic ant colony, pushing little crumbs of dirt around, day after day, for the rest of your life?

Let’s face it: you are neither an ant or a grasshopper.

You are a human being.

What does that say about the disposition of your future?

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  1. Bob Burg

    Ahhh, I love it. Questioning premises is not only good for the soul and good for the mind, but it practically always results in a much more accurate conclusion. Exactly; it isn’t an “either/or.” Or, as my great buddy (won’t say exactly who other than … he da’ Mann)calls it, the “Treacherous Dichotomy.”

    Bravo, Maestro!


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