Why Money Is Like Tofu

July 12, 2009

Having a fun time doing interviews this week. I don’t usually post my interviews here on the blog, but two in a row nudged me to share them with you.

This evening, I spent an hour with Dr. Lisa Van Allen at “Boundless Riches” on TalkShoe, chatting about my parents; how I met Bob Burg; how I love to spend my spare time (hint: cooking with Ana); my three rules for writers; how The Go-Giver happened; my next few books (including one coming out next month); how my wedding turned out to be a celebration of the publication of my next book; why money is like tofu; the five laws of stratospheric success, and which one gives people splinters; who’s behind Pindar; and this and that.

Here, you can click on it and here it right here:

This coming Tuesday I’m on with Glenn Garnes at Relationship Marketing Center on BlogTalkRadio — I’ll post a link to that one after it’s recorded and online.

[Note a week later: here it is.]

Let me know how you enjoy the Dr. Lisa interview!

And, sorry: if you want to know how money is like tofu, you’ll have to listen to the interview!


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