Two Perspectives

June 28, 2009

Every month, I send out an “eLetter” that gives people a brief update on all my book projects, and provides a one-line summary of every blog post from the preceding month.

Earlier today I sent out my July eLetter (I was two days early). In its opening paragraph, I mentioned a blog post I wrote a few days ago about my mother-in-law, called “Compassionate Nursing.”

Within a short time two emailed replies showed up in my “In” box. The first:

I don’t know you and couldn’t care for less what you do

sent via BlackBerry

And the second (actually, just excerpts):

Hello John,

There were tears in my eyes, just an hour ago, as I viewed the wedding pictures of you and Ana. Every one told a story, and I especially liked the ones of the two of you hugging loved ones in the reception line. They told how thankful you are for your family and friendships. What a spectacular day that was! Thank you for allowing the rest of us to enjoy it with you.

I am so looking forward to learning more from you and in reading the story ‘Compassionate Nursing.’ Before I read it, I will tell you that I am studying to become a certified Doula—one who assists women in labor. As well as being a hairstylist of 32 years, I’m excited to weave this into my life also. (Hopefully, not in the same hour!)

Thank you, John, for including me in your mailings. You are appreciated by many, and now one more.

Safe travels to your sweet wife and best wishes to you, Sylvia and Kaia (what a neat name!) as you row the boat without her being physically there.

Blessings to you and yours …

Both people received the exact same email. Although I do not personally “know” either one, both had voluntarily signed up to be on my mailing list.

Two entirely different experiences of the same information.



  1. Marty Wallace

    Oh my goodness!!! I think this other responder was having a “no good, very bad” day! She, or he, needs a hug!!!

    As you surely must know, you are loved and appreciated beyond what you even realize! Again … thanks, and blessings to you and your house!

  2. jdmann

    Thank you, Marty!

    (I guess the identity of the second note-writer is not so secret anymore. However, I will preserve the anonymity of the first!)

  3. Bill Ellis


    It goes to show that we need to be true to ourselves and write what WE believe in. Whether branding, marketing or just plain communicating, we can’t control the response or reaction of others. Thanks for being true to YOU. Those of us that get it are grateful.



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