To Korea, With Love

September 4, 2008

Last month, when I saw the Japanese edition of The Go-Giver, I didn’t see how anyone else could possibly equal that amazing production, let alone top it.

Then, a few days ago, the Korean edition arrived.

Oh, my.

Since nobody in our house reads Korean, I can’t tell what’s actually being said in the ten (!) full pages of text that come between the title page and the table of contents, but they include the phrases “sustainable competitive advantage” and “My joy in giving is greater than your joy in receiving.”

Can anyone read Korean? If you can, I’ll loan you my copy in exchange for elucidation!

The illustrations are beyond great: they’re completely adorable. The cover (above) features Pindar, Joe and Claire. Here, form inside, is a picture of Joe, Pindar, Ernesto and Nicole:


and one of Joe — you guessed it — serving coffee. (Notice Gus, Meerschaum in hand.)


They’ve made the key a critical element in the book: I suspect each Law is now called a “key” — but again, until I find someone who reads Korean, I’m in the dark.

With my way lit by some wonderfully illuminating drawings.

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  1. Melanie Kissell


    If you would give consideration to having a high school student read the Korean version …

    Email me:

    My twin daughters attend high school with a HUGE population of Asian students — Chinese, Japanese, and Korean!



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